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Our Mission

October 02, 2019

Our Mission

What we have been wearing has devastated our planet's environment. That is why we decided to do something about it. We create organic hemp-based apparel that benefits our customers and the planet simultaneously. 

Did you know that man-made fibers like polyester take nearly 200 years to biodegrade? Think about all of the clothing that is thrown away every single day that does not biodegrade! It ends up in landfills, usually in third world countries where locals become sick from toxins and pollutants leaching from the clothing. 

It's our mission to reduce the amount of clothing that ends up in these landfills by creating non-toxic, biodegradable hemp driven apparel that is not only better for you as a human, but for our environment. If you are ready to do something about clothing pollution, share this blog today with your loved ones so we can all begin to make smarter purchasing decisions. 

-Team Greenz 

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