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High Times Magazine X Greenz

March 18, 2019

High Times Magazine X Greenz

About a month ago we launched our online storefront to the world. Along with the launch of our website, we were featured in High Times Magazine. It was a blast featuring photos of our good friends & brand ambassadors Keion Johnson & Logan Mozey in the High Times article as well. 

Check out the full article here, or continue reading below! 

Are You Defying The Limits? This Hemp Clothing Brand Is!

Hemp is finally federally legal in the United States, thanks to the recent passing of the Farm Bill this past December of 2018. The bill now enables farmers to grow and cultivate hemp in US soil for the first time in generations. From here on out growers, brands and consumers will be able to take advantage of hemp’s 50,000+ sustainable uses.

Greenz, a premium hemp clothing brand, is proud to support the industry following the awaited end of hemp prohibition. Co-Founders Hunter Bjork, Skylar Lysaker, and Jared Gobler have joined forces to create a brand that believes in defying the limits, using hemp as the leading fiber in all of their goods.

“Hemp is simply superior to cotton and mainstream textiles,” says Bjork the CEO of Greenz. “I’ve spent years studying hemp’s industrial uses and benefits. Specifically, I’ve focused on its overwhelming list of advantages, and have discovered that cannabis and hemp prohibition was a direct result of propaganda and law reform funded by the early cotton industry.”

Not only does hemp yield more fiber with less land than cotton, but it also requires 3 times less water to yield the same amount of usable dry fiber suitable for production.

“Most people are unaware of hemp’s many industrial benefits,” say’s Lysaker the CSO of Greenz. “Hemp fibers are antimicrobial, moisture wicking, and extremely durable. Unlike most garments, hemp clothing wears in over time, resulting in a softer feel with each wear and wash.”

Humans have been growing, harvesting, and processing hemp for thousands of years, but it wasn’t until the late 1930s that hemp production was halted by prohibition. Even the original United States Constitution was made of hemp paper before it’s outlawing.

Greenz is focused on defying the limits, and that tagline holds true across their entire brand. “From our sweatshop-free manufacturing to the people we sponsor, we aim to inspire and empower people to defy their limits.” say’s Gobler the COO of Greenz.


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